Cleaning Product of the Week: Karcher Window Vac WV50
Karcher Window Vac WV50

Product of the week: Karcher Window Vac WV50

PA Cleaning Services Basingstoke reviews Karcher Window Vac WV50

This is not a new one on us however we are always surprised at how many people still favour the polish and duster over these beautiful creations.

Note only so the microfiber cloths cut the cost down for your cleaning, they do the job a whole lot better.

The microfibre cloths can be used for all your dusting needs including PC and TV screens without causing damage. For most surfaces, you simply wet the microfibre cloths down a small amount and away you go and at the end of the job, simply pop them in the washing machine.

The microfibre cloths can be picked up quite cheaply so, go on, give them a try. You won’t look back!